Types of Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

types of heavy equipment used in civil engineering
Types of heavy equipment used in civil engineering

Types of heavy equipment used in construction have their own importance for completing the project, maintain its quality, and proper safety of the workers working on the site.

Every contractor does not have all the types of equipment for the construction as the time of construction plays a vital role to make the project economical and cost-effective.

The selection of equipment depends on the suitability of types of equipment according to their requirements in the project and according to the scale of the project.

As they make work easy and saves time. The type of equipment used in construction mainly used in Material Handling, Earth Moving, Construction Handling, and miscellaneous construction works.

Types of Heavy Equipment Used In Construction

Types of equipment used is categorized into various categories these are as follows:-

  • Material Handling Equipment.
  • Construction Vehicles.
  • Earthen Work Equipments.
  • Miscellaneous Construction work Equipment.

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Material Handling Equipments

These are the types of equipment that are required to handle construction material on site or used to carry material horizontal or vertical on construction sites these include:- Tower cranes, Hoists, Conveyors, etc.


Conveyors used to travel materials horizontally on the site from one place to another. It is basically used in the transportation of material that is bulky and heavy in nature.

Types of Heavy Equipment used in Construction

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Tower Cranes

Tower Cranes plays a vital role in the construction of buildings, mainly in high-rise buildings. They are basically required to transfer material to another floor on which work is being done.

As it decreases the labor cost and saves time. Tower Cranes is now one of the most used equipments in construction.

Tower Crane
Tower Crane


The hoist is a device mostly attached to the cranes. It is used to lift heavy loads with the help of ropes, chains, Fiber wraps and has significant importance in the construction industry.

These can be operated electrically, manually to lift heavy objects.


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Construction Vehicles

Construction Vehicles are the vehicles that are used to carry site material like aggregates and other crushed, materials.

These are heavy-duty to carry heavy loads. And perform with low maintenance.


Tippers are the truck basically designed to carry extremely heavy loads, and they have off-road capabilities to carry loads on tough terrains like coal fields and remote construction sites.

These are used in the sites where the terrain is tough and dumpers are not workable, then the tippers are used to carry or dump materials from one site to another.


Dump Trucks

Dump Trucks are the types of heavy equipment used in construction designed to carry heavy loads from one construction site to another or from one place to another dumping area.

Their chassis are designed to carry heavy loads and carry materials in huge quantities.

These are basically used in the transportation of construction materials or to dump construction waste materials or the material which gets accumulated at the time of demolition of the structure.


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Trailers are the types of equipment used to transport heavy material like heavily reinforced bars and any other heavy metal objects.

As it is unpowered, It is used as an attachment for the trucks and then it is used.


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Earthen Work Equipments

Earthen Work Equipments are the types of equipment which are basically used for excavation and for leveling purpose these are the most commonly used and versatile equipment can be seen easily in your daily life.


Backhoe is the type of heavy equipment used in construction. As the name indicates it is an arm-like attachment on the back of a loader whose work is to dig trenches and have another arm attached to its front, and it is mainly used for excavation purposes as well as in loading unloading purposes.



Loaders are the types of equipment that are used on-site to load raw materials, waste materials on dumpers. And also used to move aside materials or debris.

These can be tracked or wheels depending upon the suitability. Tracked Loader is used where wheel loaders are unable to work.


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Excavators are the equipment that is widely used in the civil engineering industry these are used in excavation work, Demolition work. Excavators have one big arm and cabinet which can rotate 360 degrees.

They also have a larger backhoe which increases its efficiency and make construction faster and economical.



A bulldozer is remarkable heavy equipment used to remove the upper layer of soil, or to push the debris, excavated soil on site.

It contains a plate-like attachment on its front known as a blade which is used to push the waste material or soil from the site. Bulldozers are tracked vehicles as it requires more grip for its work.

It has equipment attached to its backside known as ripple which is used to lose highly compacted things.

Type of Heavy Equipment used in construction

Skid Steer Loaders

Skid Steer Loaders also Skid loaders are the types of equipment used in construction. These are labor-saving equipment used to load material on dumpers or tippers.

Skid Steer Loaders have 2 arms that have a blade attached to them which is used to fill soil on dumpers. They do not have separate mechanisms for the steering of the wheels.

Skid Steer Loader


Grader is the equipment mostly used on the road work as it helps to level the road with the help of a blade. It also helps to remove the ice from the surface of the soil.

The grader has a blade between its front and rear axles and the cabin is mounted on the top of the rear axle. It saves the time in leveling of the road.

Motor Grader


Telehandlers are the types of equipment used to provide workers a safe platform to work freely in the area where it is difficult to work.

Telehandlers have a telescopic arm that has a boom attached to it, and it takes workers to their position where the work has to be done.

There are several types of equipment like the forklift, cabin, buckets that can be attached to its telescopic boom.


Pile Driving Machines

Pile Driving Machines are machines that are used in the construction where the deep foundations are engaged. The pile machine help to drive piles in the ground.

There is a pipe-like structure hammered with the help of a pile-driving machine in the ground which saves the time and labor of the workers and makes construction cost-effective.

Pile Driving Machine


Compactors are the equipment that is mostly used in road construction as the name signifies it compacts the surface of the soil or the road.

It is used in compaction of the road or to compress asphalt in the flexible pavement.

There are different types of compactors which is used according to their suitability.

Compactors are also known as rollers, The smooth roller is used to in the compacting the layers of the soil and asphalt during road construction.

Sheep-Foot rollers are used for the deep compaction of the soil which results in the hardened or fully compacted base for the roads.


Miscellaneous Construction work Equipment

Miscellaneous Construction Work Equipments are the types of equipment that is helpful in the construction and ease the work.


Paver is an equipment which is mainly used in road construction to laydown asphalt layer on the road with slight compaction.

After laying a layer of asphalt, rollers are used to compress the layer of asphalt. These are of two types asphalt paver, Split from paver.

Split form paver is used in the construction of concrete roads. in which concrete road construction is needed. As it constructs the road with proper formwork it is suitable for larger projects.


Concrete Mixers

Concrete mixers are used to mix the concrete as the mixability of concrete plays a major role in its strength.

There are different types of concrete mixers are used as per the suitability of the project. There are portable mixers that are used in the small volume of concrete.

For the larger project or when a large volume of concrete is needed then we use a transit mixer. It is a truck in which revolving drums are attached that helps in the mixability of the concrete.


Closing Phrase

This is all about the types of heavy equipment used in construction. Every piece of equipment has its own importance as they are designed as per its usability in construction.

If you have any query about this article please leave a comment below.

Stay Safe !

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