Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)

Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)
Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)-CivilLatest

Manufactured Sand (M-Sand) is artificially prepared sand manufactured by grinding hard stones (granite) up to 4.5 mm. The hard stones crushed into cubes of rock with curved edges and washed properly.

Sand is the second most widely used material in the world. Properties of m-sand is different from conventional river sand in numerological and physical ways.

It is used in the areas where the availability of natural river sand is less, or natural sand is not economical, then we use m-sand.

Its grain size is angular which require more cement water paste for proper bonding of the concrete.

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Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)
Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)

Why M-Sand?

  • Easy Availability M-Sand is used because of easy availability near the construction site.
    We don’t need any river for the sand. It is also convenient for transportation.
  • Transportation makes m-sand more suitable for construction. Due to easy availability near construction sites.
    As a result, it reduces transportation costs and makes m-sand cost-effective.
  • Depletion in the quality of river sand, therefore, to maintain the quality of construction m-sand plays a major role in the construction
    As it doesn’t deplete the concrete strength and quality and results in durable and lifelong construction.
  • Better Strength It gives better strength than the normal river sand as it manufactures from hard granite rocks it has a more flexural strength.
    Because of angular particles in m-sand, it provides better bonding.
  • Dust-Free is one of the major reasons to use m-sand. This quality makes it environment-friendly.
  • Easy Grading makes its manufacturing process easier. Grain size can be easily maintained in m-sand.
    It also, improve workability due to the high fineness modulus than conventional river sand.
  • Easy Manufacturing is the main reason for using m-sand. It can be easily by grinding hard granite rocks.
    Granite rocks can be easily available near sites.

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Properties of M-Sand in Construction of concrete

We use m-sand in concrete. To determine its effect on the compressive strength of the concrete, which is the key characteristic and plays a major role in the durability of the structure and makes it economical as well eco-friendly.

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Increases Strength

Graining of M-Sand plays a major role in the bounding of material with each other. It does not have smooth and round grains like river sand which makes it more suitable for construction.

These physical properties result in the reduction of defects like honeycombing, segregation, capillary, voids, and bleeding. Proper graining of the particles of the concrete results in more compact and dense concrete.

M-Sand has a higher fineness modulus, which results in more and compacted concrete.

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The use of M-Sand results in better concrete and increases its quality as well as strength. Its easy availability and less transportation cost, make it more suitable for construction.


M-Sand is manufactured by the specific quality of hard granite rocks which possess more flexural strength than river sand.

Angular shapes of grains in m-sand improve their bounding with the concrete and results in more dense and compacted concrete.

M-Sand also reduces the post-construction defects like freezing-thawing, permeability in concrete due to the physical and chemical properties in the m-sand.

Workability in Concrete

M-sand is more workable than river sand due to its angular shape and less surface area. The control on the physical properties of sand makes it more workable.

Due to the less surface area, the cement requires more cement and water to make it workable and provide more strength to the concrete.

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Less Construction Defects

The construction defects basically depend on the formation of the concrete, what is its water-cement ratio. The water cement-ratio depends on the type of construction material used in the concrete,

If the physical properties like grain size, shape of particles, and its surface area. These all properties play a major role in the strength durability, workability, and defects after construction.

Defects like freezing, thawing, segregation, bleeding are occurred when the structure is not constructed by the good quality materials.


River sand comes from the rivers and water bodies which results in the cutting of river beds and river banks and leads to floods and disasters which affect humans as well as species which lives in water bodies.

Manufacturing of M-sand doesn’t produce dust in the environment and prevent disasters like water scarcity, damage of bridges etc.

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Advantages of Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)

  • M-sand doesn’t have impurities like silt, sand, and the coating of clay particles on it. Which helps to make concrete durable and increase its strength.
  • The absence of silt and clay particles doesn’t affect the initial or final setting time of the concrete and increases the bonding between the components of concrete.
  • Being the best alternate of the river sand, it is manufactured by using a high carbon steel hammer which makes resembles the process which is used by the river in making river sand.
  • Modern equipment is used in the manufacturing of m-sand to ensure proper grading of the sand.

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